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Erfahrungen von EUROLOGOS-Franchisepartnern:

Vincent Varelli, Paris
"In 2003, as a small-time Belgian "immigrant", I launched Eurologos-Paris. We now have a second office in the centre of the capital."

"Since it was not feasible to set up another Eurologos office in Belgium because of the small size of the country (the second Belgian office in Antwerp had just closed and merged with the new office in Brussels), I "emigrated" to Paris and threw myself into the group's glocal adventure".

Vincent Varelli, Paris

Mario La Gatto, São Paulo
"A multilingual services agency in one of the biggest Latin American cities: Brazilian geostyle, not European Portuguese."

"My wife and daughters were born Brazilians, and I became a Brazilian by choice. After having spent quite some time working in the United States, I, an Argentinian, moved to São Paulo, Brazil's biggest city and economic and financial powerhouse."

"In 1999 I decided to start my own business and as I was looking to take it to an international level, I was approached by the then Belgian Consul-General in São Paulo who told me about the Eurologos Group. I immediately decided to embrace the idea of glocalism and travel to Brussels to sign the Franchising Agreement."

"Since then, our customer base has been steadily increasing. We provide multilingual services for important companies in several industries. With a lot of work, I must admit, but we have always enjoyed living and working in a multicultural, multilingual environment.
We could not do anything else."

Mario La Gatto, São Paulo

Victor del Prado, Madrid
"At last the end of monolocalisation for Eurologos-Madrid!"

"My associate, Kent Brabon, an American who fell in love with Spain and one of its beautiful women, and I discovered Eurologos through another colleague: he had spoken to us about the project of glocalization and internationalisation."

"This was good timing as - like the other "mailboxes" in the market - we didn't really know how to get away from our monolocalisation and isolation".

"In 2000, we visited the franchisor Eurologos-Brussels and signed the first Franchising Agreement (which was automatically renewed in 2007 for the same period)."

"We have been able to acquire important clients within the Spanish and international markets and this has led to our turnover doubling on two occasions."

"Having just moved to new premises, we are planning further development in our neighbouring markets and throughout Spain".

Victor del Prado, Madrid

Giacomo Lotti, Shanghai
"It was inevitable that the Eurologos Group would become active on the Chinese market, the world's biggest market, now in full expansion."

"The managers of Eurologos-Milan must be credited for their initiative but we were already on location and had already become "Chinese". Raimondo Gissara, an Italian marketing executive from Paris, and I, Giacomo Lotti, an English speaker also of Italian origin, had spent many years in Shanghai. We had decided to settle in this huge country, a real continent of 1.6 billion inhabitants, and in a city of over 25 million people always hard at work.
Eurologos-Shanghai opened in the spring of 2008 and by late 2009 we had already moved to a new office. Things move quickly here in terms of the economy.
We soon created our own in-house team of local translators and marketing executives. Finding staff is never a problem, though we often need to provide in-depth training. We are very enthusiastic about this market: Eurologos' glocalism seems to be especially designed for our development."

Giacomo Lotti, Shanghai

Antonin Crha, Brno
"Why not found our multilingual services business in a worldwide and glocalized group?"

"As soon as we discovered Eurologos' glocalization concept in 2010 we decided to create our own business in Brno, the second most industrialised town in the Czech Republic. "We" are three long-time young friends: my wife, Hana (the linguist), Marie (the marketing expert) and me, Antonín (computer graphics specialist)."

"Our beginnings, as predicted, were economically difficult (after barely a few months) but orders from top clients drove us; the relationship with our market only fuelled our enthusiasm. We are well aware of the extreme competitiveness of the services offered by Eurologos' offices. They are all glocalized and are extremely competitive with the countless monolocalised "mailboxes"."

Antonin Crha, Brno