Carl’s Jr. ®

Franchisesystem | In den Carl's Jr. ® Quick Service Restaurants treffen saftige Premium-Burger und kalifornische Coolness aufeinander. Werde Master Franchisenehmer*in!
Carl’s Jr. ®

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Stephane Brescia B.GO, France

Carl's Jr. is a brand that has it all: a quality product; an omni-channel access location; and a lot of potential to explore to continue to make our customers' dreams come true. Carl's Jr.® has a lot to say in France. We are ready to continue to build on this great legend in our country.

Stephane Brescia B.GO, France,

Michael Hald Salling Group, Denmark

The 100% Californian style combined with fresh ingredients, taste, and constant innovation has made a place in the hearts of Danish burger fans.

Michael Hald Salling Group, Denmark,

Sergio Rivas, Avanza Food, Spain

Only a very small number of internationally renowned companies can boast close to 4,000 establishments in more than 40 countries around the world. Without a doubt, Carl's Jr.® is one of the great companies, with an enormous growth potential in Spain and a heritage for success.

Sergio Rivas, Avanza Food, Spain,

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